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the landlord of the building i made the mural for saw it and has asked for 2 more! 2!
mural unveiling: the video

is it 30 already?

oh, and here's the cover for my 2010 24 hour comic, i forgot to upload it earlier.
everyones work is being printed in a big book to be sold at local comic shops soon
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Based on a sketch from dr.sketchy's life drawing. The model was Ms. Clara Cupcakes. Hula hoop extraordinaire.

Want a postcard of my mural? Send me your address! I think you can make private comments, or send it to lombardi_michael@yahoo.com
If I have time I might draw a picture on the back
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I made a giant mural in my area for the Beaufort st festival! It's over 5 meter's long!
It was made for Store

You can see it in person:
649F Alexander Building Beaufort Street
(Walcott st/Beaufort st intersection. In arcade next to DOME) Just below my old workplace!
If you go this week, you can grab a free postcard of my artwork at Store and take a look at some of my artwork in their window!



It was a great day! The unveiling and the whole festival went so well!
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Kirby the cat 2000 - 2010

End of work party invite I made using characters from Dogstar
(channel 9 also started repeating old epsiodes this week)

German tourist

Kirby is alive!!!
Seems my parents assumed she had passed away. But she only went away for a long time to recover her wounds!
She is back at my parents house.
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