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Neil Gaiman himself re-tweeted this on his twitter account!

Facebook request winner Stuart. Magician and unicorn!

Dr Sketchy's life drawing London. So far I've won all 3 I've been to.

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I put a request for suggestions on what to draw next on facebook yesterday and selected the winner randomly out of a whole heap of suggestions. The winner: Nikki with her suggestion: "A circus person throwing knives at a girl in a wedding dress tied to a rotating target"

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A quick one. I finally found a room to rent out in London and the first thing I did was draw something again. And been drawing quite a bit since!

Merry Christmas to all!

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Oh man, I leave Perth Saturday for Tokyo for a little while, then London!
Many other things been happening too:

Outskirts festival last month (I go some stickers and badges of my art made for it):
Interview with me at we love perth blog

My artwork is up at Bar 399 in Northbridge and also Adorable store Ruck Rover in Mt Lawley
Blog posts about my work at Ruck Rover:
Ruck Rover mini art mart blog
We Lover Perth blog

-I am the feature artist on the months issue of online magazine Inky Squib:
Inky Squib Magazine webpage

I've done a whole heap of simple flash animation for a local production of a lesser known Shakespeare play called "All's well that ends well"
The characters will be projected onto a screen and say their lines among the regular cast members!
Play facebook event page

-Said goodbye to my home in M Lawley today where I made all my artwork for the last 2 years, and 3 murals right in the heart of Mt Lawley:

there's been a few commissioned artworks too that I can't stick up just yet. Will post more of that soon and less photos of me looking at my own work!

I've done a lot of life drawing stuff I haven't put up, but here's something very recent:

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