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Wow ... This looks much better than most of the 24-Hour comics I have read. You could never tell it was done in such a short amount of time. I thought you usually painted your art, but this is obviously done on some computer program. What did you use and do you always use it?

Thanks. I've used flash for all my 24 hour comics since 2007.
The trick is (with the main character) that I created a character in flash in a couple different angles, and then alter the different body parts and redraw the eyes and mouth and hands a few times. Lots of copy and paste then altering the character was used. Also helps keep the art style consistent throughout!

WelI, only just added you to my friendslist this year. I will have to look back at your old ones when I get time.

One of these days I will have to learn how to use Flash. Hand drawing comics, I know consistency is a bitch. I have done some "inking" in photoshop using the pen tool and paths. I have done some copy and pasting, but not much. Is all your art done in flash? I have seen other artist use flash and I can tell it is done in flash. I guess this is a credit to your work if I cannot tell.

My work is mainly Flash, but there's a lot of texturing done other ways, like photoshop.
I love Flash, its a great tool, although its become harder to find jobs using it

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