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the landlord of the building i made the mural for saw it and has asked for 2 more! 2!
mural unveiling: the video

is it 30 already?

oh, and here's the cover for my 2010 24 hour comic, i forgot to upload it earlier.
everyones work is being printed in a big book to be sold at local comic shops soon

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2 more. Nice. How many walls does this guy have?

Lot's. It's not your standard building. It's from the late 30's. There's an arcade through the middle, little shops, the big local pub, fancy grocery store out the back. And up above is my old workplace and a fancy pub above the other one.

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2 is like, a LOT, when one is talking in quantity's of murals!

This is pretty interesting. Voucher this free

Prefer absolve me be aware if you need portion with your project.

clean grout (;u=59716;sa=summary)

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