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hah, that was truly awesome! I love the captions- super good kick! haha.

I think that's my favorite part too.

I'm also happy with some of the poses and expressions.

great 24 hour comic! We're not doing ours till next weekend, need to gear myself up for it!

I had fun! It's a pretty surreal time. To just super focus on something for what seems like ages, then go back to reality.

Hehe, I really like the 'small kick!' and such things. Nice work.

The idea of drawing comics for 24 hours seems really daunting, especially since I don't know anyone else that does comics.

There should be plenty of people in Melbourne that do comics, or zines.

Yeah it is daunting, but less so this time because I've done this a couple times before.

Oh yeah, there'd be heaps. Spending 24 hours with people I've never met while drawing comics could be an interesting experience, to say the least.

This is great! Did you use Illustrator? Or are you just really good at making it look like you used Illustrator

Nope, I never use illustrator. This was all done in Flash.

Yeah!! That's really cool :D

Thanks! I had an awesome day!

(Deleted comment)
Glad you enjoyed it! What a day!

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