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My new 24 hour comic - October 20th - 21st 2007

Created within 24 hours at Elfsar comics in Vancouver, Canada


space travel
6 page 12 hour comic - treasure hunt
October 2006 24 hour comic - chicken costume

Found this on the stores website. Im on the far right, using the laptop.

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wow, i really like the panels with the lamppost. Great work! This is one of the best i've seen.

Thanks. I wanted to get some sort of Victorian-era style imagery in there somewhere, lampposts were a simple solution.

Hope you get well soon.

Nice work! I think that is my favourite comic I've seen you do!

(PS, you left an "s" out of one of the panels on page 3)

Oh dear! Youre right!
Too late, I gave my final copy to the store owner after I finished it, so theres no changing it now. No mater, there was bound to be some mistakes.

Other than that, I agree, this is my favorite 24 hour related thing Ive done too.
Looking forward to seeing what the old Perth gang came up with! I had great fun meeting you all last year, I hope this years was also enjoyable for you guys.

Some of us have started posting the comics in the Perth Comics forum, you should probably go post yours there too (or link it or whatever)

Troy msm'd me. I already have!
Read yours too!

Great job! You're a real trooper! I thought I was pooped after my 3 hour comics day on Sat. I can't even imagine 24.

Thats what energy drinks are for!

Great stuff! That was very funny Micheal, love your writing. it's so cool that you Perthian did yours in Vancouver! I wish there was an official one here in Tasmania, to tell you the truth I actually forgot about it on the day, otherwise I would have done one from home. -Rosey.

I love this, easily my favorite 24 hour comic from this year. Did you plan out the story first, or just write it as you went?

Why, thank you sir! Im most pleased with this. I loved yours too, it was most humorous!
I couldnt help but think ahead. I had to if I planned on doing it digitally (its made in FLASH 8), to come up with solutions for possible problems that may arise using a computer (ie, how best to make something without the computer crashing lots). Some of the story was in my head a week or so before.
Im thinking of making a post about how I made this soon.
Watch this space!

Awesome work, guy! It's incredible that you were able to do it all as a 24 hour comic using flash, and the story is quite cool, too :D
Interesting locale, too - how were the other participants?

As mentioned in my email to you, it wasnt the social feast that last year was. Half the people too. But, loads of comics all about! I took loads of little breaks, and finished early and had to wait for the trains to start again, so my surroundings were a perfect location to be trapped in!

awesome :) Sock puppets and flying can't beat that :)

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